Vancouver startup scene is not just about Slack & Hootsuite: 10 startup acquisitions in 2018 and Q1 of 2019

Whenever people talk about Vancouver startup scene, two success stories usually come to mind – Hootsuite and Slack. Well, there is also Business Objects (now Vancouver SAP office), which makes it three. After discussing these three, many people start asking “who else?” and… and often the conversation goes into nowhere.

In reality, Vancouver does have quite a few startup success stories. The goal of this post is to highlight 10 successful startup acquisitions that happened in 2018 and in first quarter of 2019.



Technology giant Motorola had reached an agreement to buy local surveillance company Avigilon for around $1 billion. Avigilon designs and manufactures surveillance cameras, creates software and hardware to analyze and manage video footage, and builds technology that controls who accesses a location. Its clients include airports, banks, and public transit companies.

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STAT Search Analytics

Search engine optimization company Moz completed the acquisition of Vancouver-based STAT Search Analytics, which specializes in rank tracking and search engine result page (SERP) analytics. By acquiring STAT, the combined Moz portfolio includes brands like eBay, Alaska Airlines and Trivago.

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PayPal has completed its acquisition of Vancouver-based Hyperwallet for approximately $400 million USD. Companies reported in a press release that they expect the transaction will strengthen PayPal's payout capabilities and enhance PayPal's ability to provide an integrated suite of payment solutions to ecommerce platforms and marketplaces around the world.

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Vancouver-based digital ticketing and event registration platform Picatic has been acquired by Eventbrite. In January 2018, Picatic launched Movement, a pricing model that offers a reduced rate on ticketing websites for non-profits. In June 2015, the company launched a freemium payment model to eliminate service fees for event planners.

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Vancouver-based Buddybuild has been acquired by Apple. Launched in October 2015 as a way to improve the development workflow used by mobile app developers, Buddybuild’s platform provides seamless continuous integration, continuous delivery, user feedback, and crash reporting for mobile teams.

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Vancouver headquartered pet tech startup GoFetch has been acquired by Future Pet Animal Health. GoFetch operates an online marketplace for people to buy and sell pet care services including pet sitting, dog boarding, and dog walking.

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The Calgary-based startup Communo acquired Vancouver-based startup LocalSolo , an online network for top tier freelancers. LocalSolo has a curated talent network of almost 28,000 member freelancers and over 9,000 employers and recruiters worldwide.

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Barons Meat Company

Vancouver company, an online platform that delivers sustainably and ethically raised meat, has acquired a fellow B.C. business in the Barons Meat Company. will implement [the Barons Meat Company's] subscription model over the next months to offer new and existing customers the option to order a customized box of their favourite products, effortlessly delivered to their door every month.

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TSO Logic

Amazon acquired TSO Logic, a Vancouver startup that helps companies make the most efficient use of cloud resources. The company takes data about workloads and applications and helps customers find the most efficient place to run them by measuring requirements like resource needs against cost to find the right balance at any given time.

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Vancouver-based recruitment company Talemetry along with three other companies in the recruitment industry, was acquired in a $200 million USD deal with K1 Investment Management, a US investment firm focused on global high-growth enterprise companies. K1 Investment’s aim is to build a parent company of talent recruitment in order to corner the market.

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You can now say to your friends that it’s not just about Slack and Hootsuite. Vancouver startup and tech ecosystem is growing. Let’s shape its future together!