Life for me is about building. Building businesses that challenge the status quo. Building relationships that are genuine. Building communities that facilitate meaningful exchanges. Building products that make people happy and address real needs.

I see building as a result of no-bullshit problem-solving, collaboration and creativity. It is about recognizing opportunities where many see problems. It is about having solid values and delivering value. It is about empowering others to succeed.

My name is Ross, I am a Vancouver-based business, product, community & relationships builder.

I know a thing or two about product-market fit, business development, community engagement, growth, marketing, non-profit governance, customer discovery, startups, resources accessible for entrepreneurs in Vancouver, strategic planning, personal branding, career development, project management, leadership & more.

Ross Haleliuk

Based on my real-life projects and online interactions, I have been referred to as:

  • Product Enthusiast

  • Growth Hacker

  • Startup Advisor

  • Mentor & Mentee

  • Founder

  • Hackathon Manager & Judge

  • Project & Portfolio Manager

  • Board Director

  • Business Developer

  • Connector

Some are real titles, some are labels, and some are things I am trying to do (sometimes they turn out successful).

Whatever I am doing, I believe that alone we can do a little, but together we can change the world. I believe that those who can - should and that success without integrity is a failure. I believe that little by little we are building a unique tech & startup ecosystem in Vancouver 🚀.

This mini-website is a way to share my story (brag), talk about projects I am involved with (recruit), discuss my career aspirations (get recruited), and post some thoughts & cool resources I encounter (procrastinate). Most important, it’s a way to stay in touch with amazing people I meet every day, to share opportunities I know of and to create new ones.