👓 vision

To create opportunities, growth, and impact every day of my life.

🚩 Mission

To build businesses, products, communities, and relationships that empower people to achieve more, and enable them to succeed. Have lots of fun while doing it.

📗 who i am and what i like

I am not a unicorn. I am a workhorse. I am not better, not smarter, and definitely not more gifted than anyone else. I am just one of the many thousands of people who came to Canada in a quest of something. I am an unstoppable workhorse.

I am a fighter who is eager to achieve, a learner who is eager to grow, and a connector who is eager to build bridges.

I believe that life is not black and white, and that success cannot be summarized with one magic quote. Working smart is important; so is working hard, so is being focused, being agile, having good mentors, being kind, having a good sense of humor and 1000+ other things. I do my best to develop good habits and constantly improve, whatever I am doing.

I value people who are real, who offer honest feedback and are open to hear feedback themselves. I like those who call out bullshit, raise hard questions and challenge each other’s opinions in a friendly and a non-confrontational way.

I believe that our future is a result of our choices. Past - not necessarily but future - always.

I don’t like egos, arrogance, when people towel-dry the dishes and hit “reply all” to emails when it’s not needed.

I am comfortable being wrong, being weird, being uncomfortable, asking for help, and hearing or saying “no”.

I like people who are driven. I like to tinker with stuff, explore and experiment.

I also like simplicity, taking actions, reading, walking and biking around Stanley Park, movies with twist endings, volunteering, coffee, and a good beer.

Ross Haleliuk

💡 Values i live by



Initiate challenges, embrace change and pursue curiosity.



Push the limits, tinker, fail fast, fail often & fail forward.



Put empathy & kindness into action. Every day.


servant leadership

Serve to lead, promote gratitude, never stop learning.



Laugh and don’t take life too seriously.

🎯 I am committed to constantly improve by

  • Starting with Why

  • Seeking out mentors. Mentoring others

  • Giving feedback. Seeking feedback

  • Setting goals, measuring & communicating clearly

  • Building trust

  • Embracing constraints

  • Hardcore prioritizing

  • Being able to zoom in and zoom out

  • Valuing trying over talking, impact over activity, creation over criticism

  • Simplifying the complex

  • Staying future-driven and data-informed

  • Being curious, valuing curiosity

  • Thriving on change and ambiguity & embracing discomfort

  • Investing in people

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