✌️ Beginning

When my friend came over and asked “Ross, what do you think about starting a training company?”, I didn’t think too long. “Hell, yeah, let’s do it!”.

In a few years, we trained hundreds of people about public procurement and supply chain management. What I enjoyed the most was figuring out what people need, how we can build better offerings, and then executing. I loved grabbing coffee with potential partners or customers, and doing some solid work together. At that time, I wasn’t even 20.

This is not a story about the college dropout who became a billionaire. This is a chapter of the story about trials and errors, bootstrapping, and a humble start of the entrepreneurial journey. This is also a chapter of the story where I successfully finished what’s called “formal education”.

💡 project to product

In my early twenties, I went into project management building databases and content management tools, setting up different apps, developing websites, and moving Trello cards.

During one of the projects, I was a liaison between company owners and developers. We needed a new website, and I was the guy communicating the limitations of technology to business people while explaining to developers the business we were in. Being a bridge between business and tech is not easy but I loved every bit of it. I also got to do the user research trying to figure out customer pains and wants, and how could we build an awesome product.

One warm and bright morning I realized that what made my heart sing was not simply the task of delivering the project “on scope, on schedule, and within the budget”. It was building something that WOWs people, and makes them happy.

This is how I realized that building products is “my thing”. The rest is history.


😎 So, what now?

For some people, X years of experience is actually 1 year repeated X times. Not for me.

In the past few years, I've built a company from the ground up, successfully delivered projects, launched digital products, purchased and forecasted demand for physical products, raised funds and executed large fundraising campaigns, contributed to non-profit boards, and organized events for hundreds attendees, to name a few.

That’s true, but that’s just a brag, and LinkedIn does better job at that. What’s important is not what I did but what I’ve learned from it, and how all of that combined enables me to do more.

📢I believe that technology, business, and community are all about people.

In fact, everything is about people. I see it as my main professional responsibility - to make people happy by choosing priorities, setting expectations, and keeping promises.

💡 what i’ve learned from it

  • There is always a “win-win”

  • Less is more

  • Always start with why and ask “what problem are we trying to solve here?”

  • Best answers come with collective intelligence, not with groupthink

  • Delayed gratification is the key to competence

  • Correlation does not imply causation

  • Only big dreams inspire to act

  • Emotional Intelligence is the key to success

  • Rapport and trust are critical for influence

  • Challenge your own thinking patterns and biases

  • Mentors are the short-cuts

  • "Satisficing" allows to get things done faster

  • More hands doesn’t equal less work

  • Urgent does not equal important: focus on what matters

  • Be the change you want to see

  • Absorb what is useful

  • 80/20 Rule is real

  • Focus on what you control and let go the rest

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